How to invest your money in Ghana.

How to invest your money in Ghana.

Desmond Bredu takes us through the investment options available in Ghana and what you can invest in Ghana and how to go about it.

There are many investment options available to the Ghanaian public. The very first one that most people are aware of is Treasury Bills. The second thing that most people actually know about is shares, or stocks or equity and these are just units ownerships in a company. You can actually buy stock on the Ghana Stock Exchange through registered brokers. You can look at the GSE website to see a list of brokers you can buy from. The third thing you can actually invest in is Fixed Deposits.

The fourth thing you can actually invest in is bonds. Bonds are just long-dated government instruments issued again to the public. The final investment option available to most people is the collective investment schemes, what most people refer to as trusts and mutual funds.

Now, for example, if you went to bank A for a fixed deposit or a Treasury bill, the interest that you might get may not be sufficient for you so that is were collective investment schemes come to play.
What happens is, it is a pool of investors who put their money together, give it to an investment house, or a fund manager to invest on their behalf.

If you want to actually invest in all of these things you need to know what your investment objectives are and your risk before you can choose the appropriate one to invest in and it is really critical