Intelligence on Africa, Startup Financing and IT Resources

Make intelligent and informed decisions to grow, maximize profits and reduce risks

Intelligence on Africa, Startup Financing and IT Resources

Make intelligent and informed decisions to grow, maximize profits and reduce risks

Members 610,511
Requested $4,395,000
Raised $450,000


Secure the startup funds to scale you business or idea

The MindflixMedia Unicorn Series is designed to discover new African entrepreneurs with innovative businesses & smart ideas. Each month we aim to select one entrepreneur to qualify for an investment of not less than 5,000 USD, along with invaluable support from experienced & successful entrepreneurs. We are open for submissions and pitches and have developed a quick and easy application process to follow.


Fill and submit the fundraising application form


Prepare your documents and pitching presentation. Obtain pitching training if needed


Attend a virtual pitching session in front of a panel of investors and judges


Technical due diligence by out team before an investment is made, then publicity & on-going support

Members 610,511
Requested $4,395,000
Raised $450,000














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Mindflixmedia brings you content in every area of transformation that you need to live an impactful and purposeful life. Connect with best mindset coaches, authors and teachers that are passionate about what they do and walk the talk.

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Welcome to the Fundraising Connection, Investors are ready to fund exciting and profitable opportunities from Africa, so we suggest you get started on your best pitch straight away.


Welcome to the Investment Connection, Entrepreneurs are ready to pitch profitable opportunities from Africa, so we suggest you get started to fulfill your investment goals.

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Welcome to MindflixMedia Connect. This is an opportunity to forge business partnerships, collaborations, and network with great mindset changers.


Our coaches, trainers and leaders are entrepreneurs and masters in their disciplines, with a desire to improve how we learn and live. As a speaker, teacher, facilitator, or affiliate, joining with Mindflixmedia will grow your brand and give you a sense of purpose.

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"I have gained a positive mindset from Dr Beatrice Lukose. She gave me a sense of purpose and can do all attitude. I have my entire life ahead of me and it looks really bright"

"Mindflixmedia has taught me how to live with a purpose and vision. The trajectory of my business has changed for the better. I did not change anything but my mindset got transformed. And now have adopted growth principles that are certainly working!"

The Mindflixmedia Approach

The is now tremendous disruption happening that is driven by technological innovation. Yet the way we learn and acquire education has not changed for centuries. We are still using ancient and ineffective methods and definitely not prepared for the world of today. At Mindflixmedia, we proclaim and teach using a new kind of system and focus on what really matters for you to succeed. We use artificial intelligence and great technologies to help you learn and get connected to our global network of mindset changers.

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How We Operate

1. The Best Wisdom in Africa

We appreciate your desire to learn and do recognize your commitment. This is why we bring only the best mindset transformers in every area of life. And provide you with Africa's best learning program using our innovative technology and approaches. 

2. Vibrant Community

The way to complete any learning is to connect in a supportive community. We provide you with access to a safe online community where you can collaborate, build each other and grow your influence.

3. Flexible Learning

It only takes 15 minutes a day to transform your mindset. And every single day you learning a technique or inspiration based on Mindflixmedia principle outcomes. Whether it is to gain financial freedom during this period or improving your value system, every day unlocks a jewel. The transformation you will make in a year's time will be mind-blowing.

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