What are the symptoms to look out for and how can we continue to bring awareness to mental issues and advocate for mental health?
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VACorps Intern Omar Daabies discusses his healthcare internship at Health Systems Trust, a leading research organization in South Africa. To learn more about healthcare internship opportunities in Cape Town, visit www.vacorps.com.
Health Minister Zweli Mkhize said South Africa has entered the second wave of COVID-19 infections. Courtesy of #DStv403
President of the International Federation of Environmental Health has called on South Africa's government to invest more resources into the profession. Selva Mudaly says that this section of public health-care is often side-lined and what the coronavirus pandemic has shown - is how vital it is in the health eco-system. Now to further we are joined on the via zoom by the president of the International Federation of Environmental Health Dr. Selva Mudaly.
A documentary looking at codeine addiction sweeping through South Africa.
South Africa's toxic codeine addiction.
This is a story about codeine addiction sweeping through South Africa. With an estimated 600,000 addicts in the country, this "purple drink" promoted heavily in rap songs, will have devastating effects on the health of South Africans.
Waves for Change is improving the mental health of young adults in South Africa by teaching them how to surf.
The Fabled West Coast of South Africa produces some of the world’s most pristine surf. Here, a local social enterprise, Waves for Change, is working in the heart of Cape Town’s most deeply troubled Communities to help break the wave of violence that shapes township life. Using the untapped healing power of surfing to help thousands of young adults escape the endless cycle of gang warfare.
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►Meet the Freerunners helping the children of Gaza: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=IhYN0...
The new normal for businesses now require stringent health and hygiene protocols be followed at all times. So most organisations, including schools and universities, may now require a dedicated and qualified Occupational Health and Safety Officer present onsite. This allows a rise in new job and career opportunities for South Africans in this field of study and profession.
For more on this, let's now chat via Skype to Sanet Nel, who is from the Oxbridge Academy.

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ISPOR South Africa Chapter President, Jacques Snyman, MBChB, MPharm Med, MD, Clinical Pharmacologist and Director, Product Development Agility Global Health Solutions, Pretoria, South Africa discusses health care challenges in South Africa and the country's role in the ISPOR BRICS platform.
World Mental Health Day was observed this Saturday on the 10th of October. The main aim of this day is to raise awareness on the different mental health issues facing people all over the globe, including South Africa. The Covid-19 pandemic not only had negative effects on our mental health, it was also made a priority within healthcare services. This meant that mental health services were paused to make room for Covid-19 but with our numbers dropping and life slowly but surely returning to normal, mental health services are being reintegrated back into the system. This morning special guest Minister of Health in the Western Cape, Dr. Nomafrench Mbombo joins us to tell us more.
Top 10 Best Hospitals in Africa.
Hello Displorers, welcome to another informative video and thanks for watching. In today’s video, we will be looking at the top 10 best hospitals in Africa. There’s nothing more important than our health as it is our principal capital asset. Basic health care is the minimum level of healthcare that is necessary for the maintenance of adequate health and protection from diseases. There are over 1.2 billion people in the continent, and the many unique challenges that healthcare institutions face in Africa include poor infrastructure, sparse medical insurance and entrenched tribal beliefs which are all obstacles that need to be managed to improve the situation in many African nations. With the outbreak of the Deadly Corona Virus pandemic, the world is in Total panic with some of the best hospitals in the world unable to handle cases of some victims. Despite the struggles, the continent is able to boast of some impressive medical centers and hospitals which are world-class in nature. Some of these Hospital receives hundreds and thousands of patients every single day and the results from these hospital are commendable. Despite the emergence of world Class Hospitals in Africa, most African leaders still prefer to seek medical help in Most Western Hospitals.
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For a hospital to be of world standard implies that it has great infrastructure, trained medical personnel, Efficiency, consistency and good insurance policies. So, In no Particular order, here are the top 10 best hospitals in Africa in 2020.